Thursday, September 18, 2008

We are not islands in this family!!!

This morning Natalie very graciously and sweetly declined the eggs I made for breakfast. She said she'd like to have them "later" I informed her that she is to eat when it is time and the rest of the family is eating and that "later" would be at lunch time, no snacks, no food and nothing until it was time for lunch. She again, graciously said "no thank you" to the eggs, even asked if she could get a baggy to put them in. One last time I offered her the eggs, telling her she would be hungry, and once again, she very sweetly declined my plea to get her to eat.

Well, we were in the grocery store at 930am and she was melting down for lack of food. (she did have a small glass of Kefir--her "coffee" she drinks every AM when she wakes up), We made it home and by this time she was really very hungry and begging to eat. I have to be a mommy of my word and she has to learn this life lesson the hard way...when it's time to eat, it's time to eat. I cannot and do not run an all day buffet.

So to my point... Jameson and I are enduring her horrible behavior, tantrums and general bad mood because she refused her breakfast. Thankfully, she has pulled herself together, I set a timer for lunch and we are waiting for it to go off, she has distracted herself with playing dress up.

It's amazing how God has woven us together as a "family unit" our decisions, good or bad have an effect on everyone's so true and this little life lesson that Natalie is learning today is hard on all of us, but one she must learn. Too bad Jameson is still small and probably has no clue what is really going on to learn by watching his sister, that would be nice....but alas I'm sure we'll travel this same road with him soon enough!

Well, the timer is about to go off... I'm gonna make lunch and then make some chocolate chip cookies, we have dinner with friends planned for tonight, I've been looking for an excuse to make some!