Monday, June 30, 2008

Jameson's 1st Birthday

Here are a few pictures from Jameson's First Birthday Bash! We had a few friends over for some burgers, dogs, cake and ice cream.

Birthday boy and his hot dog and pineapple

Friends and sister, Hailey, Roman, and Natalie

Chowing down, he picked up the WHOLE piece of cake and shoveled it in!
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Daddy's new wheels

Thought I'd share James' new wheels!

We go for a walk most evenings, and the kids love to climb in and around it... We are working on getting the carseats secured so we can take it to the beach!

James says he feels like he's on vacation all the time!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nursing mommy!

Natalie has always been the nurturing type. She is very sweet and loving to her babies, I often find her taking care of them, rocking them putting them night night, covering them up...she has been doing this a lot more lately and added to that is a large amount of "nursing" and "nursing" talk.

She is just adorable when she does this too. She just does it as if it were completely natural, she's not embarrassed or shy but not flashy either. Just comfortable in her own skin about the whole thing. I love it!

So the other morning we were having some breakfast near James' work. We were the only ones in there that morning and Jameson and Natalie had already had breakfast at home, so they were nibbling on some fruit while we enjoyed breakfast burritos. I looked over at Natalie sitting in this huge arm chair and she was "nursing" her baby. She looked at me and said "my baby was fussy, she's hungry so I feed her" and sure enough...she had her shirt slightly lifted and her baby carefully placed in the crook of her arm. She chatted with us about what a good mommy she is to take care of her baby...when the baby was done, she sat her on the chair next to her...

This morning a conversation at the breakfast table went like this.

Natalie: "mommy, sometimes my baby is fussy at night and I have to feed her from my little boobies" (she calls hers little boobies and mine big boobies).

Me "was she fussy last night? Did you have to feed her?"

Natalie: "she was fussy but I could not feed her, I had my foot jammies on, I feed her if I wear my night gown though"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I've been pondering father's day for several months. I watch my husband interact with our children as they are so young and in great need of their father's love, guidance, discipline, instruction, generosity, sacrifice, time, attention...this list is endless. In the most amazing way God reveals Himself through God honoring Fathers. This is unmistakably true of my husband and father of our children. I see James wake up when he despirately longs for another hour of sleep just to snuggle are children when they rise early and join us in our bed. I watch as he joyously gives them the last bite of dessert from his plate. When we pick him up from work, he gives me a loving kiss and opens the car doors so he can share his love with them as well. He works tirelessly day in and day out to provide for our needs and wants. He gives us wisdom and leads us during tough times. He brings us great joy with endless amounts of comic relief. He longs for us to be with him and is sad when we are apart. What a beautiful portrait he paints of God for our family. He discipline and correction are from a loving and kind heart.

I've heard it said that Dad's are the pastors of their homes. Another word for Pastor is Shepherd. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and James models that beautifully each day as he leads our family. Additionally the bible makes it clear how Godly husbands are to love their wifes. Simply put, do it like Jesus loved the church....sacrifice everything and don't leave her like you found her.

James thank you for showing our our family what a wonderful heavenly Father we have and how much Christ loves us! We are daily changed by your love and sacrifice and obedience to your calling.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Video of Trip to California

Here is a compilation video of our trip!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Alright...I've taken long enough to blog about our trip and new home and well give an update!

First our move went fairly well. We had some wonderful friends come and help us..boy were they a Godsend! My mom came moving day...having friends and family around made it easier, not just with the physical things that needed to be done, but the emotional drain of the day as well. As I did a final walk through of the house it hit me a lot harder than I was expecting...we shed a few tears as we looked at the kids rooms one last time. It's still hard to believe that we are not going back to that house. I think it will take time and slowly fade rather than a quick reality. In fact every few days it still hits me and I shed a few right now... It's not the house per say...but more the life...the house is just the place that our life happened. The every day stuff we did that was our life, getting our babies out of bed in the morning, brushing their teeth, having a big breakfast on Saturday, rushing around for church, and the big stuff. Laying them down for the very first time in their beds, watching Natalie take her first steps, hearing Jameson laugh for the first time. The big and the little, the mundane and the extraordinary that's life...and it happened every day for nearly 9 years in the same spot!

Okay enough of that...
We were going to spend the night in that house after the movers left...but we decided otherwise. We set out for Abilene. The car was loaded to the gills, the dog only had a tiny spot in the back of the van...and it was so packed between her and us that we could even hear her. But thankfully the vet gave us some "dreamy little pills" to help her rest along our journey. We did not get far before our first stop... Salt Grass for one last bite of Texas Steak and the best cocnut shrimp around... Everyone had a fully belly so we were off... The kids slept a little but they were wired from the day... We ordered a GPS before leaving town and used it to help us find our first hotel. Did not know it would be so hard to find a hotel that let us keep a dog there.

The second day we got up, had some hotel "continental breakfast" and headed Southwest towards El Paso. James had to take a few calls that day on the road, the kids slept and played with various toys. Natalie discovered the fun of personal music... we put a CD in her DVD player and she rocked out to kid tunes. Remarkably the whole trip I think she watched one movie. She really was not all that interested... but boy the Barbies and Barbie bag that Nana got her were just the ticket! She played for hours with those in the car! Jameson, well he played with his new cars, Natalie's babies, Barbies, and whatever else we handed him. He was great everyday unless we tried to drive past 8pm...then he was DONE and cried inconsolably. stopped in Deming, NM that night, we ate at Si Senior Mexican Restaurant. We sat close to the rest rooms... which was very interesting... The sink for the mens room was OUTSIDE the bathroom and visible from my chair. James had fun entertaining me while washing his hands... at least you could tell who washed and who did not!

That hotel had a great little indoor we decided to relax the next AM and spend some time by the pool. That was fun... after some Sonic lunch we headed west and stopped in Yuma, AZ. We thought about pushing through to San Diego that evening, BUT every hotel we called was either booked or outrageously priced. Yuma was nice, very nice little city in the middle of the dessert! We were not set to get the house until Monday, and so we spent the extra day in Yuma. We shopped for a new washer and dryer (oh that a whole other an amazing set I LOVE). At some pizza by the pool and relaxed one last time before we headed out!

Monday we drove on into San Diego. We got to the house and unloaded the van...that thing just about filled the garage! Put the dog in a detox program from her downer addiction and blew up air mattresses as our "truck" was not set to arrive until Tuesday. Note to self. San Diego is still the dessert and it can get a bit nippy in May...we got chilly without any heat that night!

Bright and early the truck arrived and everything was there and intact! Perfect little move! On the load day they brought a handful of helpers to load it... on unloading day they only brought 2 and it went SUPER fast!

WE are finally settling into everything. I still need to decorate the kids rooms...maybe I'm subconsciously still missing their rooms in Dallas? And the garage is over loaded with stuff we don't want in the house... it's in need of some TLC.

I'll take some video tomorrow and give you a tour...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

A year ago right this moment, I was walking around Target in Allen, Texas with my husband. We'd walk a bit then stop and rest in the patio furniture. It was too hot to walk outside and I did not want to get too far from the birthing center to drive to a mall. So we walked around Target, paused for a contraction, then kept on walking. We bought some dog food that day too. Around noon we left and grabbed some lunch at Arby's. I got a market fresh Turkey sandwich. I ate that and some potato cakes on the way to the Allen Birthing Center. This was the real deal..finally after 9 months of waiting plus an extra 12 days for good measure our little man was making his grand debut!

Grand it was, he was born at 4:47 after just a few hours of labor and the most amazing birth... I really can't hardly believe I did it without an epidural, but that birthing tub and being in the water for the last 4 centimeters and through the delivery made it possible. He ate like a champ that day and has not slowed down one bit!

Today Jameson turns 1. He's now crawling at lightening speeds, laughs freely, smiles all the time, and loves being silly. He repeats lots of words like "duuuude" and "whoa" , and when his daddy passes gas Jameson thinks it hysterical to make the same noise with his mouth!

Here is a picture from a year ago today...

And here is a picture from this morning!